All Things Thrifty
I would like to wish good luck to my favourite blonde Amelia!

She got married today! I wish her the best with her husband and new kids! Happy marriage, Amelia!

Cool off with our summer clothes!

we’ve got shorts sizes 00-20. tank tops for two dollars! sandals starting at fifty cents! bathing suits from one to five dollars! all sizes in capris and cool air conditioning to get out of the heat and take a look around!

eighth week!

we’re going strong. we just got in a bunch of handbags, so come check them out! we have new shoes for women as well. we bring new things out on the floor at least once a week so keep stopping by to see what we have!

this is nearing the end of our sixth week!

the last two weeks have been rough but it’s going to get better, we just need to spread the word! tell all of your friends about us. we have our regulars and our customers we know by name. every one is so nice. i love working with all of you! the weather has been so lovely out so i’ve been soaking up outside in between customers. we have all of our summer things out now! i’m so proud of the store!

my favourite customer is deff jackie (jakki? jaqui? jacky?)

she comes in about twice a week with her dog maggie. she walks her dog around the block everyday and she comes in to see us and brings us pinecones or something. she buys stuff and is always good for a laugh. yesterday, there was supposed to be a tornando so she was walking and said “I should go before the volcano comes” we had a good laugh about that. she reminds me of my grandma because my grandma has a dog named maggie (which is also my name ._. ) and she walks her dog everyday and they’re both like grandmothers and have little black dogs. it’s just so preshh

omg this week was perf.

this store is going to be great. i just know it

We open tomorrow! Can you believe it?

It’s starting to actually look decent! 

Four more days to go!

Five days until we open! This is from yesterday!

Eight more days until we open!

We now have our insurance, our sign picked out and our credit card machine verified! We signed the lease too! It’s officially ours!